Cute Incontinent Diaper Baby Poop

Dont tell anyone, but I have to wear diapers. I cant control my body and I end up making big, nasty messes all over the place! I have to wear diapers now because I kept pooping in my panties. But I kind of like wearing diapers! It makes me feel so good to be padded and protected. I dont have to worry about making messes because I can just poo in my diaper! Oh, I think I need to poo now! Watch as I squat down in my diaper and push out a huge smelly load of stinky baby poo! I can tell that its a big one! Oh wow! And it stinks too! I love having a diaper full of poo! I giggle and tell you how good I feel! I roll around in my diaper and plop down on the floor so the mess in my diaper gets smeared all over my bum! I put my diapered butt in your face so you can see my poo! My diaper is stained brown near the leg. You can totally see my mess! I love being a happy stinky baby! Download Cute Incontinent Diaper Baby Poop movie

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