Dirty Enema Time!

I have such a nasty, dirty ass! I have to clean that filthy ass out all the time! Good thing I love enemas so much! Watch me fill up my ass with warm, clean water and then squirt it out of my ass! When it comes out, the water is a disgusting brown color! Chunks of my old shit come bursting out of my shithole! I love how my belly is big and full of water! It starts to cramp and turn me on! I love filling my ass up with water and shitting it all out! Enjoy! Download Dirty Enema Time! movie


You must be at my disposal, always ready to replace my toilet. I do not want to use neither a conventional toilet nor a bidet for my personal hygiene. Youll be my human toilet and my bidet. You must accustom your mind to the idea of awaiting me for hours under the WC-chair, all ready to enjoy your two minutes of fame. Do not worry, Ill ignore you at all… Download MISTRESS GAIA – IGNORING PEE – mobile version movie

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