I Turned My Toilet Slave Into A Dog!

Hello, my toilet slave! I have a surprise for you! I now have magical powers! I can turn you into any animal I want! I know how much you love to eat shit so Ill turn you into a perfect shit eating dog! Arent you just a cutest little doggie! A dirty, shit eating animal! And you are all mine to play with! Are you hungry little dog? Do you want some food!? If you are a good animal and do all of your tricks I may feed you. Of course the only food you will be getting is shit! If you are really good Ill let you eat the shit straight from my ass! If you are naughty Ill take you on a walk and make you eat all the hard, dried up shit that has been left in the sun to rot for days! I think Ill enjoy taking you for walks, my little shit dog. To everyone else you will look like a dog, but you and I will know that you are really a human. Its time to do your tricks! Be a good shit dog and sit! Now speak! Good doggie! Do you want to sniff my ass as a reward!? I have something else youd like to sniff! Its a bag full of my shit! Ive been saving it just for you, my little shit dog! Sniff the bag of my shit, doggie. Do you want to fetch? I grab a handful of my shit and pretend like I am going to throw it for you to fetch. You are so excited because you want my shit so bad! You are such a hungry shit dog! So hungry for my shit! I think you are being little too eager. Its time to teach you a new trick. I put one of my turd right on your nose and tell you to leave it. Wait, dog, dont eat it until I tell you to! You look so good with a load of shit on your face! I may just leave you like that all day! Youll do as I say too. You are a dog now I can make your life miserable if you do not obey. Good Dog. Download I Turned My Toilet Slave Into A Dog! movie

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