Pooping And Cutting Poop in Half with Close-Ups

(Please note: This is a shorter version of the clip Pooping for Foot Fetish Scat slave without the foot fetish aspect. If you are into feet you should check out this other clip instead.) I am laying on my back, ass spread and start pooping. I was constipated and you can hear me as I push because I had a hard time to make this poop come out! Poop is long and hard (Type 3 Bristol chart). You can hear me moan with satisfaction after the poop is finally out of me! You can also see some creamy pussy juice running down to my asshole. I show my asshole and do some gaping after pooping. Then I show you my poop in many angles. I cut my poop in half and show you the inside of the poop. Download Pooping And Cutting Poop in Half with Close-Ups movie

Dinner for my toilet slave

Today I will humiliate my toilet slave. It will be lowered bitch who loves when I dominate. He will suck my heels and lick my dirty feet. I will spit and spit in his open mouth. Toilet slave will swallow my spit. And then, I hope, he will be ready to receive a portion of a delicious dinner that I have prepared for him today. Ill sit down on his face, so that you could see the process as I shit in the mouth. He opens his mouth wider and wants to take my shit. Of course, he is only toilet for me, no more. I have a lot of shit and I think that my slave grateful to his Mistress Emily. Youre lying beneath me with my shit in the mouth and are satisfied with your situation. But now he will have to eat my shit. I shove down your throat all. And Ill show you a person close to the toilet slave. He is happy and his face all in the shit. Download Dinner for my toilet slave movie

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