He becomes my fart slave

Now that my mother married her new boyfriend, I finally get to meet him. Apparently josh has always been a big jock. A big headed conceited jock who thinks hes better than everyone. Head of the football team.. Popular in school. Blah blah, what he doesnt know is that Ive a bit of an anger problem and dominant side. I like to control powerful men;) well it was obvious from the start that he was attracted to me, so I played into it. His second night after they moved in I invited him into my room and got him tipsy. Saying I wanted to play a game. I wanted to tie him to my workout bench and see how strong he was. See if he could break free. Being a confident douche he was all for showing off and quickly volunteered, not knowing what mistake he was making. Securing his ankles wrist, and body, there is no escape. As he soon learns when he begins to struggle once I start setting the toilet box up over his head.. Whats are you doing?! He half manages to get out before I seal his face in my ass. Immediately letting a hot fart rip straight up his nose. Heres the deal. You may be the at school, but when youre here. Youre my bitch. See that camera over there? This is being recorded. Youll follow every direction I give you, doing my laundry, dishes, homework, whatever I ask. Or the entire school will get this video and think you have a freak fetish hahaa. If you piss me off, youll be back in this bench. Your punishments will vary depending on severity. The worse you piss me off, you may even get to serve as a toilet for me and all of my girlfriends after cheer practice. And trust me, after sweating at school all day, bloating from the awful school lunches and dripping after cheer practice.. you might not even be the same person ever again! Haha actually that sounds fun, so I hope you suck at following (PFFFTTT) orders. Looks like those Fiesta Dunkers at school today are really doing some work on my stomach! Ive been meaning to change my panties all day, you should see the skid marks in them! Actually never mind Im sure you can smell them;) get ready! Im giving you a full example of how our relationship is going to go if you fail at being my bitch. You thought I was attractive though right? Dont worry, youll get this bare ass on your face before were done. Sniff deep honey, youre staying under my ass until the gas is gone. — contains mild dirty talk, forward smother/farting in leggings, thong and nude, complete ass sniffing fart humiliation! Download He becomes my fart slave movie

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