Feeding You Mama Bird Style

Its time for your feeding! You are going to eat my shit! But Im going to make you eat my shit in the most humiliating way possible! Im going to put my shit in my mouth and make you eat it out! I am going to feed you like Im a mama bird and you are my little baby bird! Watch me shove huge amounts of my warm, moist shit into my mouth. I put my shit filled mouth right up to your face and make you eat the shit from my mouth! Does is embarrass you to eat my shit like this? Is is humiliating and degrading!? I hope it is! I want to humiliate you! I want you to be embarrassed to eat shit out of my mouth! I know you love my shit and youd do anything for it! Eat my wet, slobbery shit from my mouth! Enjoy toilet slave! Download Feeding You Mama Bird Style movie

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