Top Model shit in a human hole and abused him

For days I was not shit on toilet. A toilet slave is waiting with open mouth on his mistress. Today is the day! It is an honor for him that he may eat the shit of such a pretty lady. I was curious if he really manages to swallow everything? First, I let him smell suck my beautiful sweaty feet. He gets to hear my commands and humiliations. I expect a perfectly functioning toilet! The mouth must remain opened very wide, so that I can shit in his throat. After I emptied my entire tract in his mouth he almost expleded for lot of shit! Under hard slaps and under enormous psychological pressure I push every piece of my divine shit in his stomach. Download Top Model shit in a human hole and abused him movie

Schoolgirl uses and humiliates human toilet

Back in the public human toilet the pathetic confined slave is awaiting to perform his duties. This schoolgirl has never used a human toilet and finds it all quite amusing. She takes great fun in unloading ribbons of her sweet shit and also showering him in her golden pee. After getting cleaned by the human toilets tongue she looks down at him and laughs at his shit covered face. Download Schoolgirl uses and humiliates human toilet movie

Thalia Showers And Toilet Slave Cries I Cant Take It

Here our Slave wanting to perform some more wasnt quiet ready for Things to come. First Jessy and Thalia pooped into him, made him swallow it and then the Shower Part standing on his Face and taking a nice Shower. The Slave being tied up paniced under the Girls Weight. Afterwards we interviewed him in this Movie. English Subtitles Download Thalia Showers And Toilet Slave Cries I Cant Take It movie

Gas Mask Test

We just received a new gift from my wishlist from a very good slave admirer. A GAS MASK!! So while staying @ the Westin in Cleveland before we left to see the Cavs play against Golden state I was feeling a little “airy” per say.. and wanted to launch a few farts into this baby. I love it already, my farts have nowhere to go but into his lungs:) And all I have to do is plug the little hole and I can suffocate him with his mask full of my gas!! I launch a few into his gas mask, but decide to remove the mask and give him some nude farts directly into his nose. I still love the feeling of his nose trying to suck for air against my ass only to be stuffed with my farts. It really does turn me on:) The gas mask now has a hose and you will see it in an upcoming video but it was just being tested;) I first launch some farts into his face from a side view, then switching to the rear for a more personal experience. Making sure every ounce goes into his nose, I dont want to smell a thing!! But!! My slave isnt sniffing hard enough or making enough of a seal so I get tired of his efforts and just stuff his nose in my pussy and smother him helpless. Letting the gas build up, just for a finale I tell him if he doesnt get himself off to my farts in his nose Im going to slap him, HARD. I fart straight up his little nose all the way into his lungs and smother him with my pussy until he cums like a good little piggy. .. Now its off to the cavs!! Id hate to see his punishment if they lose tonight… And guess what.. they did. And there will be a follow up of his punishment as well;)———————- CLIP CONTAINS Gas mask, reverse smothering and Face farting, Farts directly into his nose sealed to my ass, dirty talk, forward pussy smother and overall humiliation >:) Download Gas Mask Test movie

Poo Fun In The Woods!

I am on an awesome camping trip on the coast. I sneak away down a trail because I have to poop really bad! I love how full my ass feels when I have to poop! I dance around enjoying the anticipation of shitting in the woods! I know anyone could walk up the trail at any moment and catch me! I bend over and spread my ass cheeks and start to push! This hot, stinky load of poop just bursts out of my ass and falls to the ground. Mmm! It feels so amazing to let out a big load of poo! It smells so good! I really want to taste it too! I pick up my poo and lick it! Oh! It?s so good! I rub my pussy and lick my poop out there in the woods on a busy trail! Luckily no one catches me being a dirty scat girl! Enjoy! Download Poo Fun In The Woods! movie

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