Vomit Cats 03 Second Cam

This is the same clip like Vomit Cats 03, but from a different camera angle. The Cats vomit in a bowl, it is a liter or two of vomit inside. Then they make the slave drink all this yummy puke glas by glas spiting inside again and again and telling him what a loser he is! Download Vomit Cats 03 Second Cam movie

Your diarrhea wont stop me!

A boyfriend is horny. So very horny. When he is told by his girlfriend that she has an upset stomach she expects him not to want sex with her. But this is the last thing on his mind. He continues anyway! He was warned and before long she starts leaking runny scat from her asshole. He stops for a minute while she is unable to hold in her sweet scat. Once she has dumped her load on the bed he resumes his sexual activity filling the air with the smell of sex and sweet scat! ***Special discount*** Download Your diarrhea wont stop me! movie

Mistress Roberta – Toilet training and humiliation

Today my bitch will be poked with my perfect shoes and writed on names like bitch and whore, spit on him , and prepare to pee in his mouth ordering to him to drink it all and i do have a big amouth for him to drink and after i start to shit in his mouth untill i fill it but more and more comes out and giving him directions what to do so he starts to wank his junk with shit humiliating him in the same time with training him so he starts to fill himself with shit so i can humiliate him more and more Download Mistress Roberta – Toilet training and humiliation movie

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