Voyeur scat Vol.1

In this toilet random girls would come and little do they know theres a hidden camera installed where we can see them piss and shit. In this movie, the pretty girl pisses and then pushes out her BIG hard balls of dark shit. Download Voyeur scat Vol.1 movie

White Panties Adventure: Shit and Smear!

I love wearing white panties. I feel so cute and innocent in them. I like to pretend for a moment that I am just a sweet girl who would never play with her poop. I know in my heart I am a filthy, nasty, three holed, scat slut. But when Im wearing these white panties, I feel so virginal. The true is, I love to play with my shit. I cant get enough of it! Its not just an act for my videos. I truly love the smell and the taste and the incredible feelings I get when I smear my warm shit all over my body! I want to be fucked in my filth. I want to share my desires and my fantasies with you. I want to shit for you. I want to smear my poop for you. And I want, above all else, for you to fuck me in my own shit! In this video I talk so dirty for you. I have my pretty white panties on. Im going to destroy them for you! I put my ass to your face and I start to slowly push out a huge load of shit into my panties. It feels so good, so warm. The way my asshole stretches open fills with with such pleasure. I want this shit all over me! I want to smear my shit all over my it, sexy ass for you! Watch me and I take my hand and squish my load of shit into my ass! I smear it all over my pussy and ass while my white panties are still on. Look at this mess I am making! Its so hot! I wish I could have shit smeared all over my ass and pussy all the time! I pull down my panties to show you the huge mess I made in my pretty white panties. I dont feel so virginal in them now! Enjoy! Download White Panties Adventure: Shit and Smear! movie


CUSTOM REQUEST – andquot;The video shoot point is placed under an open chair so that your ass is visible when you sit down. You walk in wearing the nice skirt and you walk to me laughing and insulting me, saying youre here to use your toilet again and that you can not wait to have a good crap. You sit in the chair above me, so that Your majestic ass domains on me from above, and order me to stand there and wait for your shit mature. In the meantime, grab a phone and call a friend, and start talking to her about me, mock me and humble me and take fun of me with her on the phone, you explain her that Im your toilet and how you use me… then at some point you ask her if she wants to use me too, you take a picture with the smartphone and you send it to her and she laughingly says of wanting to use me willingly. All this while I am from the bottom powerless and helpless, in front of me there is your ass and Im waiting look majestic your ass widens to drop the shit in my mouth. At the end you say goodbye to your friend, you shit in my mouth and you go laughing … Your devotee human toilet andquot; Download MISTRESS GAIA – DEVOTED WC movie

Public human toilet consumes hard balls of shit

This is yet another day in the life of a human toilet. On some days, he is given chocolate mouse and on other days he is given golden balls that are as solid as rock. He welcomes all, and on this particular day he is served with sweet rocks of shit. This schoolgirl has obviously eaten very well as her shit is full and firm. As it drops it enters directly into his mouth and he is required to chew the nuggets before swallowing. The schoolgirls asshole is stretch as she pushes out her solid payload. As is required from him he carries out a complete cleaning of her asshole before she leaves him for the pathetic creature that he is. Download Public human toilet consumes hard balls of shit movie

Chat with Consequences P2

Lady Missy has shit now. The slave opens his mouth, Lady Missy crouches over his mouth and presses the big turd from her butt. The poop plops right into his mouth. All ladies are curious if he swallows everything. Mistress Michelle pisses the other slaves in his mouth. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Chat with Consequences P2 movie

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