Full-service toilet in the classroom

A mobile toilet is helpful if the school toilet is blocked by construction work. My slave has to swallow plenties, I had eaten neatly pepperoni and garlic the day before and had not been since then. In the classroom now, all wanted to come out and my slave bravely put his mouth to disposal. Also Miss Jane had to shit, what my slave had also to eat. Of course, he has swallowed also our pee while we maltreated his balls. Download Full-service toilet in the classroom movie

Shit Stained Rug

Its time for some dirty, sexy, poop fun! Ive got such a nice big load ready to push out of my asshole! I am going to feel those big, stinky turds stretch my sexy little starfish open! Im going to shit right on my white bath rug! I squat right down on the floor next to my toilet and push out such a huge load of poop right onto my white bath rug! It feels so good to shit when I know you are watching me! It turns me on so much! Watch as I smear my hot, fresh shit all over my white rug! It turns me on to smear my shit! I lean back and rub my clit while sniffing and licking my shitting fingers! I have a huge orgasm as I talk dirty to you and sniff my shit! Being a dirty scat girl makes me so happy and horny! Enjoy! Download Shit Stained Rug movie

The Toilet Cunt P5

This toilet slave is usefull. these day he had already swallowed three piles of shit. Now he swallows the vomit of Lady Kimi. After that, there is no rest for the slave because Lady Lucy is leaning over his mouth and try to puke. Unfortunately it comes out not much, except thicker spit phlegm. The dessert is prepared and is already next to his slaves head. The remaining vomit that has gone wrong from all ladies. All that the toilet slave must now lick off from the ground like a dog and swallow too. Lady Domi takes the cane and animates him to swallow. As always, Lady Kimi is spitting on the puke and pushes his head with her foot still deeply into the vomit. She enjoys to treat the toilet slaves in this way. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download The Toilet Cunt P5 movie

Pretty Student Shits on the Forest!

She goes outside and walks towards the woods for some quiet time. Unfortunately, her stomach starts acting up once she reaches the trees. Not one to stop the call of nature, she pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and squats her bare ass on the ground. She ejects chunks of soild shit on the grass. She wipes her asshole with tissue paper and then throws it on the grass beside her shit. Download Pretty Student Shits on the Forest! movie

Erin has made the slave toeat shit.

Erin has made the slave toeat shit. Erin has filled the slaves mouth with shit. He eats the chocolate shit of his Mistress with pleasure.The slave has been waiting for a treat from his Mistress the whole day. Erin helps with her boots, stuffing chocolate shit in the slaves mouth using her legs. Today the slave has had a huge dinner! To be continued! Download Erin has made the slave toeat shit. movie

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