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Lady Joice First Time P3

Now also Lady Joice has crap and looks amused to the toilet slave who tries to swallow again a new portion of fresh shit from another mistress. He can not quickly swallow the second pile of shit. Then Mistress Michelle pees again in the middle of his crap mouth. He swallows the piss and then he tried to swallow the shit of Lady Joice also but it does not work. Lady Joice gives some strokes to the slave with the cane, so that he swallows faster their shit. But he can not swallow it faster and chews only. With the shit in his mouth he must start to build the shelves then. Download Lady Joice First Time P3 movie

Scat and Vomit Cats 01

This clip is shoot by the Cats personaly. First Kimi Cat holds the cam while Domi Cat piss shit and vomit at the slave, then they change and Kimi Cat is on turn. She makes a real big pice of shit directlly into the slaves mouth, then she is vomiting at him! This clip is short but dam dirty. You can see two beautifull ladys shiting and vomiting on slave. It is very authentic, the girls really like what they do. they talk and lough a lot. Clip in german! If you like a personal session with the Cats write at: Download Scat and Vomit Cats 01 movie

Exbinitionist Caught Shitting in Public – HD

Theres nothing like taking a dump out for the world to see and she doesnt give a fuck who sees her. The man next door caught her while shes releasing some turd so she invites him over for coffee and chat. She seduces him by playing with his cock and within minutes hes already on the floor ready to do her bidding. She makes him lick her anus while she deep throats his cock. After a few minutes, she shits right into his mouth, which she makes him eat to the last morsel. Download Exbinitionist Caught Shitting in Public – HD movie

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