Beautiful scat!Miranda made her slave to completely eat her delicious chocolate shit.

Miranda made her slave to completely eat her delicious chocolate shit. Lady is pushing shit into the slaves mouth with her hands. The slave is choking, but today Miranda is willing to make the slave to eat her chocolate dessert. She is pushing shit with a heel of the boot into the slaves mouth, spitting into his mouth. Now the slave has become a real toilet slave! Download Beautiful scat!Miranda made her slave to completely eat her delicious chocolate shit. movie

Scat Coaching: Eating Shit!

Time for your next lesson! This is one of the most important lesson that I can teach you: Eating Shit! Over the years Ive developed some tips and tricks to help with the difficulties of eating shit. I know how hard it is to swallow a big load. Some people can do it so easily, but others need a little help. Id like to share the things Ive learned with you. I want to help you be able to eat huge loads of shit with no problem! I want to see you eat all the shit that you want to eat! Eating shit feels so good! It is the hottest thing you can do with shit but its also one of the most difficult things to do. You will need some shit for this video. You will tell me how much poop you are going to eat and then in this video you will eat that amount. For some it may be one tiny little piece and for others it may be an entire load! So get your load of shit (Remember I sell my poop: and get ready to eat! I am going to walk you through eating shit! I will help you by telling you all my secrets and and having you follow my directions. In this video you will do exactly as I say. And soon you will be eating shit like your life depends on it! Enjoy! Download Scat Coaching: Eating Shit! movie

Pooping in acid washed skinny jeans

A fan bought me those acid washed jeans so I could poop in them. Do you like them? Your dick is already hard right now knowing Im about to poop in my jeans. My asshole is so full! I tease you and walk around a bit before I empty my bowels. Its difficult to poop while standing up because part of my poop is hard and those pants are so tight! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push I have to push so hard that I cant hold my pee. I now feel the warm shit covering my ass. I would love to sit on your face, hump it and squash my poop all over. I walk around and come closer to the camera to show you the back of my pants. I feel the bump with my hands. Then I sit on a chair and make my pants dirtier. I hump the chair like if it was your face! Im going to order you to lick those jeans clean with your tongue! I want you to be like new when you are done! I tease you again and again by walking around and moving my dirty ass. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty ass right now! I can feel the poop all over my ass. Wanna see my dirty ass cheeks now? Beg me! I take the pants off to reveal my dirty asscheeks. Some shit is falling on the floor because the inside of my pants is too full. I show the inside of my pants from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. I need one of you freaks to come here and lick my ass clean. Dont you wanna empty your balls for my dirty ass right now? Extra clip: In the first scene I show you a close-up of my poop. In the second scene I weight my poop. Download Pooping in acid washed skinny jeans movie

POV- piss and crass shitting

Very good POV Position,you can see when Candy piss over the cam,hehe!! Then i must big and thick pralines shitting… rosette very opening and you can so near see when the big shit comes!! Come and open your mouth and eat my pralines!! Lick the piss out of the floor…. Download POV- piss and crass shitting movie

Slaves of Cherie and Jane

Two servants are mercilessly exploited to Jane and Cherie. One is brutally tortured, the other is used as a toilet for two mistresses. Miss Cherie pees a big load into his mouth, then she opens up her ass and a big pile of shit follows, what the slave is allowed to swallow and eat. Soon afterwards Miss Jane uses the toilet slave for a good portion of her caviar. With gloves, she helps the now overworked slaves to eat it. Both girls beat the other slave in between for their amusement and leave distinct traces of the whips and their sharp nails on him. Download Slaves of Cherie and Jane movie

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