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Dirty Gourmet Dinner

Today, however, one of the slaves was particularly lucky. With a full bladder and a large dose of shit in the ass, Lady Chantal and Miss Cherrie came to the studio to surprise their overnight guest in his cell with a nice slave breakfast. First he gets a big portion of scat from Lady Chantal to eat, then he got the funnel with a hose in his slave mouth with the instruction to swallow only on command, both ladies filled the huge funnel successively with its bitter taste morning urine. Then he got the command to empty the funnel, thereby the ladys help the slave of course in their usual way. After a good dinner, what he had, he may even want a dessert for completion – so Lady Chantal pulls her beautiful red soaked tampon out and stuffs it in his slave mouth. He sucks, licks, and chews the tampon with the delicious content! Download Dirty Gourmet Dinner movie


Custom Request Hello mistress gaia, I have brought many of your video clips my favourite ones are where you push your slaves face into a big pile of your shit, by putting your foot on the back of their head and slowly push their face into your shit. Please can you make one for me. You have a slave laying on their stomach with their hands tied behind their back. You shit right in front of their face. Then with your sexy leather boots on you make them lick your boots, then you put your foot on the back of their head and slowly push their face into your shit slowly twisting your foot to make sure their face is fully rubbed in. I wish it could be my handsome face but I live too much far away. Download MISTRESS GAIA – PUSHING YOUR FACE INTO MY SHIT movie

Mistress Michelle – Scat Biscuits P1

The slave licks clean the boots of Mistress Michelle. The slave kneels in front of her as it should be. Now Mistress Michelle needs to use the toilet and use the slave as a toilet. He has to lie down on the floor and open his slave mouth. Mistress Michelle pees directly into his mouth. After that, Mistress Michelle shits on a plate. A great turd with which one may well cut out cookies. The slave gets a roll and must make the shit flat. After that he must cut out the shit with the mold. Looks delicious. Download Mistress Michelle – Scat Biscuits P1 movie

Diarrhea in mouth and on cock

A new movie with her personal toilet slave, godess feeling full of diarrhea and she need ass licking after she empty in slave hungry mouth !Slave put the diarrhea on his cock and begin strocking at the end New clip today also in our studio SCATDOMINAANDTOILET. Check it and hope to buy it ! Tomorrow another movie, after Godess was outside country for a real session. Download Diarrhea in mouth and on cock movie

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