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Thai Michelle drops another 2 a day. First nasty dump is thick hole stretching chocolate logs and nuggets then hours later she drops a big sloppy soft serve chocolate dump. Plenty of ass wiggling, peeing, shitting, and wiping in these clips. Download Hard and soft MP4 movie

Call of Nature P2

Mistress Michelle sitting on the commode and peeing directly into the slaves mouth. Shortly after the shit falls from her ass directly into the mouth of the toilet slave. But today, it is especially for the slave. He can not swallow and must keep the shit in his mouth while he is whipped with a cane. This is not pleasant for the slaves, but he makes every effort to keep the shit from Mistress Michelle in his mouth, as she had arranged it. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Call of Nature P2 movie

Failed admission test

Every now and then I test new slaves. Along with Miss Jane I stuff a slaves mouth with our shit. First, the Loser swallows spoon after spoon, but when Miss Janes portion comes to it, however, he is overwhelmed and chokes. After also my pee runs out from his shit-mouth, the test of this idiot fails. Download Failed admission test movie

The Shit Gang

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Cute Incontinent Diaper Baby Poop

Dont tell anyone, but I have to wear diapers. I cant control my body and I end up making big, nasty messes all over the place! I have to wear diapers now because I kept pooping in my panties. But I kind of like wearing diapers! It makes me feel so good to be padded and protected. I dont have to worry about making messes because I can just poo in my diaper! Oh, I think I need to poo now! Watch as I squat down in my diaper and push out a huge smelly load of stinky baby poo! I can tell that its a big one! Oh wow! And it stinks too! I love having a diaper full of poo! I giggle and tell you how good I feel! I roll around in my diaper and plop down on the floor so the mess in my diaper gets smeared all over my bum! I put my diapered butt in your face so you can see my poo! My diaper is stained brown near the leg. You can totally see my mess! I love being a happy stinky baby! Download Cute Incontinent Diaper Baby Poop movie

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