Toilet slave

I love to use the slave mouth as a toilet. I like to look at it as a loser swallows shit and asks for more. It makes me very excited. I spit in the face of a servant. Please lick my ass clean. Verbally to humiliate this loser. Satisfied bitch is waiting for his mistress on his place in the toilet Download Toilet slave movie

Five different pees fall compilation 2

This is a compilation of five pees. Im pissing in different positions and situations: standing up, from behind, on the toilet. I like to show you my pussy after I peed so there are nice pussy close-ups. For the first pee Im peeing standing up in the toilet while my boyfriend is in the shower. The second pee is bend over my ass facing you while Im in the bathtub. Third pee is on the toilet while I was holding the camera in my hand. For ourth and fifth pee I was standing up and peeing in a mason jar. Fort those two you can see that I dont drink enough water because the pee is dark and concentrated. Im still training my bladder so I can keep peeing for a longer time. I cant wait to make long pee videos for you! Download Five different pees fall compilation 2 movie


You must be at my disposal, always ready to replace my toilet. I do not want to use neither a conventional toilet nor a bidet for my personal hygiene. Youll be my human toilet and my bidet. You must accustom your mind to the idea of awaiting me for hours under the WC-chair, all ready to enjoy your two minutes of fame. Do not worry, Ill ignore you at all… Download MISTRESS GAIA – IGNORING PEE – mobile version movie

Blue Jeans Diarrhea Destruction!

I will punish you with my disgusting, smelly farts and diarrhea! You will smell my wet, runny shit and you will crave it! You want more and more of my diarreha! Look at my big, hot, sexy ass in these tight blue jeans! It looks like Im about to bust these jeans open! You want my fat ass, dont you!? You want me to stick my big, beautiful ass in your face and fart out some wet, disgusting diarrhea!? I am going to punish you with my filth! You are going to gag and choke on the stench! You see how disgusting my diarrhea is! Now watch me fill these jeans with my shit! I stick my ass in your face and I let out the longest, smelliest fart! But its not just a fart! Out comes my nasty, diarrhea too! I fill my jeans with shit! I can feel the diarrhea running down my leg! I am destroying these jeans! Smell it! Smell my filth! I take the jeans off and show you the nasty mess inside! I take the shitty jeans in my hand and I grab your cock! Im going to jerk your cock off with my wet, shitty jeans! Im going to rub my disgusting diarrhea all over your cock! Ive got even more diarrhea for you! Smell it! Smell it all! Enjoy! Download Blue Jeans Diarrhea Destruction! movie


Yesterday Mistress use the toilet slave for many kinky and bizarre things. In the first part, Godess adore to have her ass and pussy lips worshipped and she propose her slave to do that in bathtub. She had a nice red seethrough panty on her magnific ass and she make her slave sniff her pussy and smell her ass through panty. Then she deliver an enormous DiARRHEA in her panty and slave must catch her shitty from inside. She use toilet slave face as toilet paper and face and eyes of her slave were soon brown completelly. In part 2 of this video Godess will make her slave eat and chew her shitty diarrhea , wash his face with shower, obliged her toilet to wash her panty with soap and with his dirty mouth, and ordered him to lick her ass and pussy from behind. A very nice and clear 2 clips with Godess and her toilet. NEW !!! JUST RELEASED THE MIX VOLUME 13 in our other store : EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS buy it now, because from now we will put in that store our mixes with movies from here. Today nr 14 also !!! Download SHIT IN EYES – TOILET IN BATHTUB PART1 movie

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