Illegal immigrant

Miss Jane finds an illegal immigrant, who is hiding nearby. She threatens him with accusing him and convinces him in that way to do what she wants. She dominates him and pees into his mouth. He is allowed to swallow it all. Then he also has to swallow mud from her soles and some spittle, until she leaves him alone. Download Illegal immigrant movie

DOUBLE mistresses deliver DOUBLE serving of scat to domesticated slave!

He has been let out of his captivity to entertain his mistress and her friend. He knows what is expected of him and obediently positions himself under the custom made chair for scat purposes. His mistress is an absolute goddess and looks very seductive, and her friend too, is absolutely beautiful! To see their anus holes stretch while delivering their payload is a MUST SEE. Each of them are totally amazing and each have their own unique taste and texture of scat for his consumption. Download DOUBLE mistresses deliver DOUBLE serving of scat to domesticated slave! movie

Teacher Scats in Her Skirt!

Its only a few minutes before her next class but her stomach is acting up. She tries to hold it in but she has persistent shit right here. Shit exploded her from ass and spreads all over her panties, hose, and skirt. She has no choice but to go to the ladies room and remove her soiled clothing. Download Teacher Scats in Her Skirt! movie

Gina Scat Domination

1.Every day Kate uses the slaves mouth for her needs. Every morning, as she wakes up, she pisses and drops shit in his mouth. She often calls her friends to use the slaves mouth as a toilet. Today, she makes his mouth full of chocolate shit. Do you want to be in his place? 2..Big pile of shit from Gina! Gina diarrhea. Gina has been eating a lot for a few days and she also has been saving up her chocolate shit for her slave. Download Gina Scat Domination movie

Diaper doo-doo I shit myself

Wanna play with me today? Ive been a good girl I promise hehehe. I love blowing bubbles, theyre so much fun! Im gonna sit in my diapers and blow bubbles and play until you join in ok? As I start blowing bubbles I feel the sensation coming onyou know that tingling sensation.the urge to push! OMG I gotta go pee-pee. Wow what a nice warm feeling against my bum but Im not done yet! I gotta go number two! Yup I feel a big shit wanting to come out and dirty my diapers. I cant hold it in, I gotta go. I push and push feeling another warm sensation and a massive release. It felt soooo good to dirty my diapers like a good girl. I think you better check my diapers and see what kind of mess I made and I need a clean up too! Time to wipe my messy asshole clean and put some powder on there to cover up the smell. Ahhhhh Im starting to feel better!——–CUSTOM VIDEOS MISSMADISONSTONE@HOTMAIL.COM Download Diaper doo-doo I shit myself movie

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