Dine and Dump – 3 Day Desperation

Ever wonder what it looks like to see me make my big massive loads of shit? Watch in this fun little dine and dump desperation video! I bring home a big spicy Italian subway sandwich and devour it all while talking about how soon it will be my shit! Im eating the sandwich that is going to give me a huge load of shit! I love talking dirty while Im eating my big sandwich imagining what its going to look like when it comes out! Now comes the waiting and the desperation! I hold my big sandwich for three whole days! On the third day I tell you how Im feeling! I love talking dirty when my ass is full of shit and my belly is rumbling and gurgling! I wont let the shit out just yet though! I want to be really desperate! Finally its time to shit it all out! I lay my subway wrappers on the floor and squat right over them! Then I push out a big giant turd and two smaller ones! Oh god! It feels so good to get that out of me! Check out my desperation and relief! Download Dine and Dump – 3 Day Desperation movie

Custom pee and scat session

Once again I fulfil the dream of a supporter to meet me! After arriving from finland he gets a real nice pee scat and scat session! For getting warm, he is allowed to massage my feet and receive some spittle from me. Passionate and full of devotion he sucks my toes and licks my legs as a brave slaves does! Then I order him to lay down and slowly shit into his mouth! Eagerly he snaps the piece which is still hanging out of my ass with his lips and gets it out of my asshole! After he had finished I gave him nice and slow my piss to drink. Download Custom pee and scat session movie

Watch Me Shit For You!

Its time for another amazingly, sexy EFRO video! Watch as I push out seven amazing, big, hot, stinky loads of shit, just for you! I love knowing you are watching me poop! Do you get as turned on as I do when you see those beautiful, brown turds work their way out of my stink hole? Ive got seven perfectly, sexy loads for you to watch in this video! I hope you enjoy this amazing EFRO video as much as I enjoyed making it! Download Watch Me Shit For You! movie

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