Swallow my Spit,Pee and Scat P1

The Ladies now are spitting several times at their slaves. Then Mistress Michelle starts to piss on both slaves at the same time. One of the toilet slaves has to move into his position and open its mouth now. Lady Katharina must shit now. Her Asshole is just above the mouth of the toilet slave and out of her asshole swells shortly after her soft turd directly into the toilet mouth. http://www.yezzclips.com/store750 Download Swallow my Spit,Pee and Scat P1 movie

Diaper Farts!

I am such a stinky little girl! Look at me being adorable and playing around with my giant bear while wearing my diaper! I have such a stinky little butt! Good thing I am wearing a diaper! I wouldnt want to have an accident! I let out some nasty, loud farts! Cute little girls shouldnt fart like this! Oh man! What a stinky butt I have! Wow! These farts are so gross! Most of the smell is trapped in my diaper but I can still smell my yucky butt stink! Mr. Bear likes my stinky farts! He keeps trying to stick his nose up my butt so he can deeply inhale my farts! I bet thats what you would be doing if you were here! Youd like to smell my farts, wouldnt you!? I grab Mr. Bears head and shove it right up my butt! If he wants to smell my stinky diaper farts he can get right up close and sniff them all! I hump his head and smother him with my loud, nasty farts! He is a very happy bear! I just wish it were you I was farting on! Enjoy! Download Diaper Farts! movie

The toilet is out of order!!!

Im really dying for a toilet so I hurried along to the closest one I see and it is OUT OF ORDER!!! Im farting non stop and my belly is aching really bad I really cant take it anymore I have to?.. Oooopss its out! I shit myself.. My new panties soiled with my own shit. I took it off and then continued shitting on the floor! I just dont care anymore. Im finally relieved, the only thing now is how the fuck I am going to clean this mess up. I reached out some tissues and clean my ass! With no other tools around to clean up my mess I decided to make a run for it! I hurried along outside hoping no one sees me and leave my mess there. As I get out of the bathroom I see someone else is coming…..! Download The toilet is out of order!!! movie

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