GANG of mistresses scat training of slave

This gang of bikini clad mistresses each take their turn one by one delivering sloppy loads of shit into the slaves mouth. He is ordered to eat each chunk and they brush his teeth with a brush and we can see his golden stained teeth being sweetened by a mixture of all their scat brushed deep into his gums! Seeing each of these beautiful assholes stretch as they release their unique personalities of payload into the slaves mouth is totally priceless! This slave is very lucky! Download GANG of mistresses scat training of slave movie

Scat Whore in a Store!

I went all out with this one! I have finally done something Ive been way to scared to do! I was a naughty scat whore in a store!!! I have got such a nice big moist load of shit ready to push out of my asshole! I have a feeling that this one is going to come out easy! I get on my hands and knees and really pop my ass out! My asshole opens right out and all that shit just pours out of my hole! It drips down my pussy as well! What a naughty shit! Its time to get ready to go out! Ive got my big pile of shit and a pretty outfit on! Im ready to go shopping! I snap on some latex gloves and start smearing my poop all over my pussy and my tits and I get some more all over my ass too! Now I am ready! I am in a store with my pussy, ass, and tits smeared with shit! Watch me dance around and flash my shitty bits! I am bent over with my juicy ass showing when I realize that a worker is in the aisle! He totally saw me!!! I am so embarrassed and turned on! I have got to get out of this store fast! I really want to go home and masturbate but first I want to go to another store! I am at another store now! My shit is drying on my ass and tits but it is still nice and moist in my cunt! i dance around in the store and walk by the camera with my ass showing! I flash my tits and my pussy! I twirl my dress so it shows my ass and pussy! I talk dirty to you. I hope no one hears! I love being a dirty scat whore in public! I am so turned on now! Its time to hurry home to masturbate and cum! Enjoy! Download Scat Whore in a Store! movie

Shitty Sheer Panties!

Just look at those screenshots! This is one HOT video! If you want tons of intense orgasms then this is the video for you! I start by shitting in my brand new sheer panties! You can see the turd push its way out of my ass and into my panties! These babies are ruined now! There?s no cleaning up shit stained panties like these! I take my panties off and show you my dirty shit covered ass and pussy! Mmm! My panties smell so good! They smell like stinky fresh shit! My favorite smell! I lick my panties and push them into my mouth! Oh they taste amazing! I tell you how it feels to have my dirty panties in my mouth and how I want to wear these stinking things all day long! My ass and crack would stink so bad! Would you want to smell it? Would you like to taste my stinky ass after I?ve worn dirty shit panties all day!? I take my panties and I start to stuff them up my ass! It looks like I have a tail! A shitty panty tail! I shake my ass and give you a nice close up of my shit destroyed panties stuffed up my ass! I slowly pull them out because I want to stuff them up my cunt too! After stuffing my panties in all three of my holes I push them back into my mouth so I can taste my poop, and my cunt, and my ass! It?s time to put my panties back on now! I?m going to be wearing them all day! Enjoy! Download Shitty Sheer Panties! movie

I Love Your Scat Mistress P3

At the last part of this human toilet training Lady Lisa has still much more crap for the toilet slave. Before Lisa fill up the toilet slaves mouth i prepare a inflatable dildo in his ass. Now Lady Lisa have to shit and vomit. Than she snot her nose directly over the slaves shit face. the toilet slave lay on the floor and try to swallow. Download I Love Your Scat Mistress P3 movie

(S)Cat sis Vomit 01

(S)Cat sis puke in a washbassin, they scoope the vomit with a glas and give this Princess gift the slave who has to drink it all, then they put his face into the washbassin and allow him to drink the rest of the vomit directly from the washbassin! If you like really cruel girls dont miss this crazy german Chicks! Very dirty talk in german! If you would like a personal session with the Cats write at: Download (S)Cat sis Vomit 01 movie

POV farting and big shitting

POV,the camera so near by my Asshole……first,i farting in my Panty,loud and stinky farts!! Then he comes too much shit,ah so very big,too big for my rosette!! I must press,ahh slowly comes big shitting…,you can see so near,come and inhaler my farts and eat my shit!! Download POV farting and big shitting movie

2 goddesses humiliate me in a renting apartment part 1

Today i call my 2 good friends, 2 gorgeous dommes and ask them if they are ready to use me and humiliate me beeing their FULL TOILET SLAVE for both, SAMETIME !! THEY AGREE and ask me to rent asap an apartment and go there cause they cannot hold it anymore !!! They use my mouth and body, one after another, filling my mouth with their pee, put me to drink their pee, and order me to eat their MIXED SHIT !! Meanwhile they give me another task with cock strocking and also fisting my ass. The clip was too long and is splitted in 3 parts. part one now Download 2 goddesses humiliate me in a renting apartment part 1 movie

Eat it, Toilet Slave (GoPro)

Are you a hungry toilet slave? Ready for a nice fresh load, straight from my tight little asshole!? Are you ready to see as butthole open up!? Listen to me as I tell you what I want from you. I want you to be a good toilet slave and do everything I tell you to do! You are going to lay under my full ass and keep your mouth wide open! You will eat everything I give you! And you are going to love it! Filmed with my GoPro! Download Eat it, Toilet Slave (GoPro) movie

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