Today I want only to release and vent all my sadism, and I think it will be adequately fulfilling for me to impose you to resist the whole day without shitting until you will explode, and once you exploded, see you buy this clip, just to remind you what a kind of onanists and losers you are, paying me to suffer my vexations, what a kind of disgusting coprophilist jerkers you are. One thing is BASIC: you can jerk your dick only if you have your pants full of shit. Do you understand? Was I clear for you pea brain? First of all you MUST hold all the shit back in you until youll explode; then you will have to hurry up and buy this clip. Finally you MUST jerk your dick till youll blow your load… and the most important thing is youll do it while youre floating in your own shit. But I want to mock you more than this: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is you MUST wear womens tights. Thats the first thing youre going to do, its your priority, the first instruction you MUST follow. DO IT NOW!!! I want to keep you VERY CLOSE to your own excrements! Download MISTRESS GAIA – PANTYHOSE SCAT – mobile version movie

026.3.2 Turd direct WC

026.3.2 This is the WC clip from one of my videos, a very beautiful turd directly in the mouth of one of my 3 slaves i have under my feet. it is the first time for this slave and it is very difficult for him. More difficult because we are not alone but the slaves are three…. Download 026.3.2 Turd direct WC movie

diarrhea in mouth and pussyandass worshipping

Today Godess was in a great mood and wanna have an orgasm from her toilet slave. She allowed him to lick her pussy and ass before she fill his dirty mouth with pissing and Diarrhea. Tonight you can find our next mix clip number 13 in our other store : EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS Check also in that store for first movie with full shit eating named : Shit-eating from my new perverse godess PART 1 and PART 2 Download diarrhea in mouth and pussyandass worshipping movie

Open our Toilet Mouth Slave P1

My property is ready to lick feet in my riding lesson. It is prepared by me today and gets a dildo in his ass, he does not like, then he has to blow a big dildo for me. I just want to see how he would do as little whore. Then I have to shit suddenly. Lie down toilet slave and open your mouth wide, my brown fat crap comes right out of my butt. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Open our Toilet Mouth Slave P1 movie

Shitting and instiled

I torment along with Miss Jane a slave we have fixed in the punishment trestle. The guy suffers really nice while we treat his balls and nipples with electricity and nipple clamps. Since we have just a strapped slave here, we use it even as a toilet. I shit in a cup and stuff the scat into his mouth. After Miss Jane also piss and shit in his mouth. The slave has not tasted it well, he pukes and is disgusted. But no matter, anyhow we instil him the manure into his mouth * laugh *. Download Shitting and instiled movie

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