Im being drowned in PEE!

I thought I could handle multiple mistresses. Its always been my fantasy. When it happens, it happens beyond my wildest dreams. There are just so many mistresses, each willing and waiting to deliver their golden juice. I am place imobile so I cannot move with a plastic container around my head. It is water tight, and no drop will be wasted. I try to drink, but as more and more pee gets delivered, slowly but surely I get submerged in golden pee. I am drowning! ***Special Discount*** Download Im being drowned in PEE! movie


So its you again, I guess you cant quite get enough of my scat… Thats ok. I enjoy having you worship me. Maybe you would like to be here in person? That too can be arranged. For now, just watch and enjoy my routine as I lure you with my sensuality. You can even get your cock out and play with yourself. Dont cum just yet, Im only warming up. Imagine yourself lying beneath me as I relieve my shit on you. Then as I stand over you, looking down. You will have that feeling of trepid uncertainty, wondering what I will do to you next. Stay down, and suffer for me Mistress Gaia. Download MISTRESS GAIA – A BEDSIDE SHIT – mobile version movie

The Swing

Mistress Michelle and Lady Angy have prepared the slave so they can fuck him with the strapon. Meanwhile, the slave is watching that a big turd is shitting in front of his face while mistress michelle fucks his asshole. He has to start to chew and swallow the pile of shit while he is fucked at the same time. Download The Swing movie

250 UNBELIVABLE foot by Mistress Isabella

This is a very rare clip, I want to torture the dick of one lucky slave with…. my foot. Just because i know he is very sensible, my slave can not delight untili i decide to let him masturbing himself. You can not loose this clip with peeing too, but… on the dick!!!!!! The clip is in italian language but the best is to hear the wailing of pleasure of my slave, more and more exited. Enjoy!!! MP4 mobile and pc version fast downoad. Download 250 UNBELIVABLE foot by Mistress Isabella movie

Almost suffocated by Diarrhea

AFTER A WEEK OF VACATION OF HER SLAVES, GODESS COMING BACK MORE KINKY AND MORE BIZARRE !! She feel so great and her slave is ready to submit to her. She obliged him to suck her toes, lick her high heels then sniff her pussy lips, her vagina and suck her clit hard !! after TEASING HIM, IT WAS TIME TO BECOME AGAIN HER PERSONAL TOILET MOUTH !! hUGE PISS DRINKING UNTIL OVERFLOWING FROM MOUTH AND HUGE DIARRHEA IN SLAVE EYES WERE PERFECT FOR GODESS ORGASM !! SLAVE MUST CUMMING SOON WITH HIS FACE FULL OF DIARRHEA AND CHEWING AND EATING GODESS SHIT !! Download Almost suffocated by Diarrhea movie

Holes, Soles and Farts

I was walking outside barefoot so my feet are so dirty and stinky. come and smell them slave, come and lick my dirty stinky feet. mmm such a good slave, now come closer i have a suprise for u, smell my dirty farts hahahaha, directly in ur nose, how my farts smells aa? i have so many farts for u and they are so stinky. Smell them mother-fucker and keep licking my dirty feet, i want u to cum all over my dirty feet. Enjoy! Download Holes, Soles and Farts movie

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