I Thought It Was A Fart!

I love how it feels when I have awful uncontrollable gas! My farts are so stinky and sexy! I love showing off my big gassy ass! I was making a fun, sexy farting video today when something awful happened! I knew I had to shit soon. I always have the best gas when I need to shit. But I didnt think I would need to shit anytime soon! I was pushing out fart after fart! I was really getting into the smell of my farts and how hot it feels when they burst out of my ass! I was getting really turned on! My farts kept getting louder and louder and a lot smellier! I knew I had a real stinker ready to come out! I could feel it bubbling inside of me! I spread my ass cheeks but what came out was not a fart! It was a big wet nasty load of shit! Ewww! It was so gross and so embarrassing! I had a nasty diarrhea accident while I was farting! So much wet runny shit just burst out of my ass like a waterfall! And boy did it smell! I cant believe I just shit myself! I had know idea I had to shit that bad! I though it was a fart! Download I Thought It Was A Fart! movie

Clean Cock In A Shit Filled Pussy!

Ive just stuffed my pussy with a huge load of shit! Im covered in my poop! It makes me so happy to be a filthy scat girl! But Ive just found a nice hard dildo to play with! Look how clean my dildo is! It wants to get dirty so bad, doesnt it! This cock wants to fuck my scat stuffed pussy so bad! It wants to feel the shit inside my cunt! It wants to come out covered in my filth! It looks like such a good cock doesnt it!? Do you think it deserves to fuck my beautiful shit pussy!? It will have to promise to fuck me really good and make me cum so hard! I am desperate to be fucked! I know this cock probably doesnt deserve to fuck my sexy shit filled pussy but I want to cum so bad! I will allow it to fuck me as long as it swears to make me cum over and over and over again! It is a good cock! It feels so good inside of me! And I love how dirty it gets after fucking my filthy cunt! It makes me happy to see the once clean cock turn brown with my shit! I have suck an amazing orgasm all over this filthy cock! Mmm! This cock has served it purpose and made me a have happy scat girl! Enjoy! Download Clean Cock In A Shit Filled Pussy! movie

Pooping In My Mothers Bedroom!

I am in my mothers house all alone! I have to poop really bad! I know I should go in the toilet like a normal daughter! But Im not a normal girl at all! Im a dirty, filthy, scat girl! I run and get a mess pad to poop on and I take it into my Mothers bedroom! I know I have the stinkiest poop and shes going to be home from work really soon! I am sure shes going to smell my stink! What will she think when she sniffs the air and smells the undisguised stench of lingering shit! I pull up my dress and squat right in front of your face! I pull my ass cheeks apart and push out a nice moist load of shit! It curls around and gets my ass so messy! Good think I have wipes to clean my butt! I wipe and wipe but my ass is so dirty! I hope I dont get poop on my Mothers carpet! What a beautiful load I just pushed out! And boy does it stink! The entire room smells like my turds now! I keep sniffing my poop and I even lick the biggest turd a little! Mmm! I have such amazing shit! I hope my Mother enjoys the smell! Download Pooping In My Mothers Bedroom! movie

Janny! pissing

1. Jenny piss pov Domination 2.Jenny did a crap on her slave in the bathroom. I decided to take a bath, but I wanted to take a crap. Thats so great that I have my personal slave. This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I will feed him. I spit in his face, then I relieve myself, I place shit in his mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this wanker eats my shit, next time Ill make him eat right from the toilet. To be continued! Download Janny! pissing movie

Lady Grace First Time

Lady Grace is the first time with the Scatqueens Berlin. She is together with Lady Katharina her and find the toilet slave lying on the ground. Soon both are using toilet slave and shitting and vomiting in his mouth. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Lady Grace First Time movie

The Messiest Diaper Ever!

I love to swim! The feeling of the water caressing my body makes me feel so good! I love to swim even when I am wearing a diaper! I have a cute little pool to swim in! But Im not allowed to fill it with water inside the house. Maybe if I filled my pool up with something other than water Look at all these goodies I have! Whipped Cream! And Chocolate Syrup! And Cupcakes! Oh what a mess I would make if I covered my body in all these sweets! It would be just like swimming in a giant sundae! I start pouring the chocolate and whipped cream all over myself! I pour it all over my big boobs and on my face and in my mouth! I am getting so dirty! My diaper is getting filthy too! It makes me so happy to be making such a naughty mess in my pool! I love that Im wearing a diaper too! Uh oh! I think I need to go poo poo! I need to fill my diaper up! Im covered in chocolate and whipped cream and cupcakes and now I need to fill my diaper! Ive made a mess of my body now I need to make a different mess in my diaper! I squat down in my pool and grunt as I push out my poo poos into my diaper! Oh what a stinky mess Ive made! I think I need to fill my diaper up with something sweet to get rid of the awful smell coming from my butt! I shake the can of whipped cream and squirt some into my diaper! Then I pick up a cupcake and squish it in my dirty diaper too! I sit down in my filthy and let my poo squish its way up my butt crack! It feels good! I am getting really turned on! I grab the can of whipped cream and I start to hump it! I hump that can just like it was your cock! You know what happens to your cock when it gets really excited right? It squirts out white stuff! Just like this can of whipped cream! Its time to take off my dirty diaper! Do you want to see the poopy mess Ive made!? I slowly take my shit filled diaper off! Oh look! My poop is all squished and there are cupcake crumbs in my poo! Mmmm! It looks so good! I cant help but smell my shit! I am overcome by my desire and I take my shitty diaper and smear it in my face! I rub my pussy and stick my face in my diaper! Im so turned on! My pussy is dripping wet! I have poop and chocolate and whipped cream all over my face! I take my dirty poopy diaper and pour chocolate and whipped cream all over my poop! Then I take the messy diaper and rub it into my pussy! I keep rubbing harder and harder until I cum! I cum so hard! I cum like the dirty scat girl I am! This is the messiest diaper video Ive ever made! I had so much fun in my pool full of chocolate, whipped cream, and poop! Id love it if you could join me! Please watch my video! Enjoy! Download The Messiest Diaper Ever! movie

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