Woah! What A Massive Load Of Poop!

Sometimes I surprise even myself with how big my shits are! Today I let out one of the biggest loads Ive ever had! I am on my hands and knees in my living room ready to shit for you. I didnt poop at all yesterday so I think it will be a pretty big load. Or at least I am hoping it will be! I slowly start pushing out my shit. A huge, strong stream of pee come flying out of my pussy! Mmm! That feels good! Then the first of my poop. At first they are those little, hard turds that are so fun to play with. But then I can feel my poop change! I start pushing and grunting and a HUGE, moist log comes out of my ass! It stretches me open so wide! My shithole looks like a huge gaping hole filled with a massive, giant turd! Then, even more smaller, moist turds come out of my ass! It feels like it will never end! There is so much poop! Finally, all of my poop is out of my ass and on my living room floor. I can feel the heat of my shit steaming up my butt. I look down and Im amazing at how much shit just come out of my ass! Its so beautiful too! I need two hands to pick up this poop! I start to talk dirty to you, telling you how amazing this turd it and how warm it is! It is a beautiful poop! I lift it up with both hands and marvel at how big it is! I stare lovingly at my poop and smile! I am such a happy poop girl! Download Woah! What A Massive Load Of Poop! movie

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