Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie spoke on the balcony for a while and then prepare for the toilet slave his meal. Both poop on a plate, pee in a jar and leave a message for the slave. Download Balcony movie

Smoking and Shitting

I cant help but be a dirty nasty little slut. I get off on the most disgusting, dirty things. Because that is what makes me happy. Watch me light up a cigarette and sit on the edge of my tub smoking. I inhale the smoke and blow it out into the camera. My pretty mouth looks so good around the cigarette. I have to shit though! Do you want to see me shit out a HUGE load of nice sloppy shit while I smoke for you? I feel so much better after all of that shit is out of me! But I?m still so turned on by smoking and the smell of the shit. I can fell how dirty my ass is. I reach back and rub the butt of the cigarette on my shit stained asshole. Mmm! It?s really dirty now! Do you want to see the shit on the cigarette? I wouldn?t dare put that nasty shit smeared smoke in my mouth would I? Check this video out! And enjoy the dirty fun and the sexy orgasm I have in the end! Download Smoking and Shitting movie

Shitting and pissing through a new funnel

To shit and piss through a funnel was my mistress ideea for today. She order me to buy a new funnel and be ready for a full toilet play with piss drinking and feces ingestion. She is so bizarre….But i must obey her orders all the time. A very sexy nice clip where Godess begun dressing in her seethrough catsuit and she put me to record her long nipples in close up for her fans. And the rest must see, full piss drinking her urine and shitting in my mouth through the funnel. Download Shitting and pissing through a new funnel movie

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