Caged domestic cattle feeding time

This domestic mistress has two slaves prisoner in a cage which is barely big enough for 1 slave! Today she is busy and she doesnt even bother to let them out of their cage, but instead serves them sweet golden nectar in a bowl. Each are ordered to poke their head out of the cage to take it in turns to slurp from their mistresses dish! Download Caged domestic cattle feeding time movie

Pee and fisting and cock torture

Before the slave will drink our piss, we torment him a bit. His cock is tormented with a serrated clamp, then beaten with fists and hands. With Dildos we stuff his ass until he writhes in pain. And finally he is ready to take our pee in on. Miss Cherie sits comfortably on the toilet seat while the slave willingly swallows her piss. Download Pee and fisting and cock torture movie

Bombs Away Ipad 720p HD

Big booty Jessica is at it again and comes by to drop a huge messy shit bomb that covers the toilet face. Before dropping her bomb she lets out some nice farts for you to enjoy and a nice one in the toilets face. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really pile up in his mouth. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Bombs Away Ipad 720p HD movie

Group of females get a lesson in scatology!

Here we have an imprisoned slave. He is trained and he is ready. It actually doesnt matter whether he is ready or not because he will follow every command from his mistress. On this occasion, she invites all her friends to teach them the fine art of her passion. To abuse, to control and to deliver her insides into the waiting mouth of her slave. This is a soft introduction for her friends and so she only gives him access to her golden pee, while all the other ladies look on. Seeing their different reactions is totally PRICELESS! Download Group of females get a lesson in scatology! movie

Domestic slave smothered and fed through a funnel! Part 1 movie

Part 1 movie – Mistress is not happy with her slave today he has been a very bad boy. Mistress wants slave to always obey so heres his test of obedience. Mistress sits on his little face, smothering him with her pussy and controlling his breathing then she takes out a sandwich chewing it while spitting some into slaves mouth. Then she took out a cut out bottle using it as a funnel to piss on slave. Download Domestic slave smothered and fed through a funnel! Part 1 movie movie

Diaper Messing And Masturbation

I love wearing my big thick diapers! It feels so good when I fill them all up with a nice messy load! It makes my pussy feel so good! I want to fill my diaper up with a nice fresh load while you watch me! I squat down and grunt and groan as I fill my diaper with a fresh stinky load of poo! It is a very sticky load of shit! My poo makes my diaper stick to my bum! It is making my pussy so horny though! Luckily I have my hitatchi handy! I put the vibrator on my padded pussy and show you how good I can make myself feel! I bet you want to watch me cum too!? I love rolling around in a poopy diaper! I plop down on my butt and spank my dirty bum so that my poop smears all up my butt crack! I am such a dirty little diaper girl! Do you want to see the inside of this filthy diaper!? Well, I will show you! I want you to see just how filthy my bum is and how my diapered play time really smears my poo all over my bum and pussy and crack! Enjoy! Download Diaper Messing And Masturbation movie

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