Scat.Janny Domination

I have put handcuffs on the slave which completely immobilized his body. I am spitting in his face, sitting on it because I wanthim to become mouldy. I like to feel my slavesbreath under myass. I tortured him, now hell have to eat my shit. I sat down on his mouth and shit mouthful. My servant is greedily eating my delicious shit! It was very comfortable for me to shit on my slave on the table. So, I have placed my favourite toilet chair, and ordered the slave to lie under it. Now I can comfortably sit and watch the movie, and shit into the slaves mouth. My slave will eat my sweet and tasty poop. Download Scat.Janny Domination movie

Smothering, shiting and piss training a new slave!

She is training her new slave and she has a well experienced range of tools to break in her slave. She smothers him and smears crushed food over his face. One day he will be consuming her fresh vomit, but this is a great way to introduce this layer to her subject. She pisses into his face and orders him to clean her pussy long enough to give her pleasure. She rewards her slave by squatting over him and pushing out a solid log of her freshest shit. Once delivered, she face sits him and controls the breaths he takes and the scat he consumes! Download Smothering, shiting and piss training a new slave! movie

Boxing Champ Shits

Boxing blast off! Just got home after a good sparring session and had to shit really bad! I was already pump up from boxing so I left my gloves on and decided to be bossy with you! Throwing in some lefts, some rights, a hook and upper cut and of coarse tell you how much I want you to eat my shit and clean the mess I made…to make matters more intense I get nice and close to the camera and tease you with my shitty ass and has been smeared with shit. Are you ready to be knocked out or eat my shit? Download Boxing Champ Shits movie

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