500+ Farts and Filth

MASSIVE Compilation comprised of 6 TOP SELLING CLIPS. Liquid Shitting into My Slaves Nose, Shart Injections, First Time Eating My Shit, Scat Torture, Farts and Shit Crammed into my slaves nose, and FART PRANK BACKFIRED!! Each fart and shart is just seconds apart. PACKING this clip FULL of filth. Almost every action point has been cropped and cut into this clip from all 6 clips, making it nearly 6 clips in one. Can you handle it? How long until you bust?! Download 500+ Farts and Filth movie

Topless and jeans expulsing a big quantity

Yet again I have to go for number 2 and I have to go quick. I am topless and wearing jeans. I farted while entering the room (you cant hear the fart) and comment about the bad smell. I tell you what I ate this week. I usually eat a zero carb diet (meat and fat only). But his week I ate some vegetables because I wanted to make a farting clip. I tell you how crappy I feel. I start pushing really hard and you can see it in my face. Im constipated again! You can hear me pee and hear a few plops. I stand up to wipe my ass in front of you. I comment about the big quantity of brown stuff there is in the toilet. I show you the inside of the toilet bowl. I flush the toilet and light a match. Download Topless and jeans expulsing a big quantity movie


Human toilet awaits patiently for his favorite schoolgirls daily shit disposal! Finally she comes, see human toilet enjoys a mouthful of piss and shit! Here our beautiful university student dumps a lot of shit and toiletboy has to eat it all! Our student has to wait till she swallow all so she could get her ass clean too! Download Human Toilet SWALLOWED a MOUTHFUL movie

My shit is your food

Im eat food and you eat shit. Usually after I eat my slave loves to chew food. Look at my sweet lips, you useless thing. And I can take a shit, a lot of shit. Im peeing and shitting in a toilet. Do you really want to suck up to me after the toilet, do not you? I know you love it. This shit for you. Be my toilet forever. Download My shit is your food movie

Toilet slave HD 1920×1080

I love to use the slave mouth as a toilet. I like to look at it as a loser swallows shit and asks for more. It makes me very excited. I spit in the face of a servant. Please lick my ass clean. Verbally to humiliate this loser. Satisfied bitch is waiting for his mistress on his place in the toilet Download Toilet slave HD 1920×1080 movie

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