Shit in Vacation Day3

The dishes must be done. What a happiness that our slave is here, because we have no desire to do such stupid work. We degrade him while he is working just for fun and watch him. Then I have to shit all of a sudden. check out our other stores: Download Shit in Vacation Day3 movie

The toilet in the living room

Our living ottoman is out of luck today. We do not like his look, and also we have no desire to run to the loo. Instead, we simply use his face as a toilet. I have a shit and Miss Jane pisses him in the mouth. What goes wrong, he must lick from the ground with his tongue. To motivate him a little bit, we trample around on him. Download The toilet in the living room movie


CUSTOM REQUEST (Womens day 2014) On the occasion of Womens Day my slave-bitch, Natasha, has renewed her deference and loyalty to me, and to prove how much she loves me and adores me she requested this video to know how she will be treated when she will have the honor of being my toilet-slave. This doll that you see looks a lot like Natasha. Ill put this doll under my butt in order to be covered by my shit and piss, just as I will do with Natasha. She will be my woman-toilet. Every time I will call Natasha, shell be under my ass and under my pussy to attend my corporal needs when I wake up, after which she will have the honor to clean up my intimate parts fragrant of scent. Download MISTRESS GAIA MAKES A DEDICATION TO NATASHA movie


Be the human toilet you are! You were born to be a toilet, my personal toilet! Listen to all noises coming from my body: you must do this only for my own pleasure, not for your one. Listen to them very carefully! Hear how my hot shit comes out of my ass and ends down in the wc… hear the noise of my golden rain … and smell deeply the divine scent that your Goddess provides you! Download MISTRESS GAIAs NOISES movie

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