Shitting Afternoon

Lady Lisa is using a slave and sits on his face. Somehow she gets the pleasure to have licked clean her asshole. The slave begins to lick the asshole of his mistress. It seems that Lisa is satisfied but suddenly she hast o shit and begins to pee and crap on the slaves body. The shit is smeared on his his whole upper body. Lady Lisa then spits at him and while peeing something on his body she takes his cock and starts with masturbating. Download Shitting Afternoon movie

Sandys Control P4

It seems that the toilet slave can not swallow the shit from Lady Sandy any more. Now she decides that the slave has to stick the hole bunch of shit into his mouth and so he continues with cleaning the flat. After a while he has to put his clothes on and together with Lady Sandy he goes outside still the bunch of shit in his mouth. Download Sandys Control P4 movie

Shitting Hookers POV Dunya 01

Dunya is a very very sexy and dominant turk girl from Duisburg. She shits on the groung step in the shit with her boots and let the slave to lick all her yummy shit from her boots! wow what a sexy and strickt Lady! You can book a personal scat session with Lady Dunya at : Download Shitting Hookers POV Dunya 01 movie

Cumming hard while eating Godess shit

Godess feel so horny today . . .she call her toilet slave in a hurry because she wanna empty her bowels. She was dressing in a skirt and preparing some surprises for her whore. She beat him, make him ashtray, fuck him in the ass with toys, and use him ah her toilet at the end. She pissing hard in his open wide mouth then shitting in mouth. She order her slave to jerk off and cumming until he finished what he have in his mouth. Slave do that and cumm before eating all Godess shit. Download Cumming hard while eating Godess shit movie

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