Poopy Diaper Baby Part 1

Im an adult baby! I wear diapers and I use them too! I use them real good! I love to pee and poo in my big thick diapers! It makes me feel so good! So Cute! And so small! I have on a nice thick diaper today! Daddy is not home right now though. And he says that Im not allowed to take my diaper off myself. So if I do have to fill my diaper I will have to sit in it until he gets home to change me! But I am feeling a rumbling in my tummy! I really need to poo! I know its going to be awful sitting in my poop all day but I really need to go! I cant control it! I squat down and start to push! I love to grunt and groan as I poop! I make cute little face and moan too! It just feels so good to fill my diaper full of poo! Oh yum! Uh ohs! Daddy wont be home for hours! What am I going to do!? I am so stinky now! And my poo is sticking to my bum! I dont like being a stinky girl! I want Daddy to change me! I dont know what to do now! I guess I just have to sit here in my stinky! Yuck! Download Poopy Diaper Baby Part 1 movie

Training her new scat partner!

Mistress has a new scat partner, today is her first day of training! She groomed her first and then she started licking and fingering the girls pussy. The new girl likes what her Mistress is doing. She goes along with her Mistresss demand! Now she sniffs her Mistress fart, lick her Mistresss ass and then has to eat her shit! Download Training her new scat partner! movie


I have my scat slave lying beneath my feet, a smelly slut always ready to eat shit. He requested my presence. So I decided to make him suffer for me. I begin by allowing him some foot and shoe worship. I wear expensive shoes, so he has been warned to do a good job of licking, and sucking on my stiletto heels. If he does a good job of his footworship, I will reward him by allowing him to eat my shit. Standing over him, I tell him to open his mouth and be ready for me. I lower my ass over his face, and relieve myself of a nice pile of my soft shit into his mouth. I watch as it fills his mouth and covers his face. Then I instruct him to swallow it, and make sure he chews on it. Not entirely finished with my slut, I sit on his face and get him to lick my ass clean. With his mouth full, this means he has to swallow and digest my shit. He continues to lick my ass until Im satisfied. I further reward him with some facesitting, and ass smother, while allowing him to play with his limp cock. As he groans, and squeezes out his watery cum. I leave him to contemplate his next meal of my delicious shit. Download MISTRESS GAIA – CHOKE ON MY SCAT – HD version movie

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