A found toy

Someone has put a living toy in our way… Together with Lady Ginger I have fun in torturing this thing. The electrodes on full voltage and then his little pigtail is getting grilled *laugh*. A pity, that he cannot take breath, when we pee in his breathing nozzle… Such a victim is all right fur us! Download A found toy movie

Shit, Chew, Swallow!

I am getting better at swallowing in my shit! Watch me take a decent sized bite out of a big turd, chew it up, and swallow it! Of course I gag a little but I sure love the taste! I shit in my hand like a monkey and play with it and eat it! I smear my shit all over my tits and chew and chew and chew! I sure love chewing my shit! It tastes so good! Don?t you want a taste? Download Shit, Chew, Swallow! movie


You are a poor pervert loser, an hopeless coprophilist without any chance of redemption. In your misplaced fantasies there is no space for the andquot;normalityandquot;. From now on, your excitement only depends on the sight of my anal dilatation, right before my excretion and… your eruption. You would like to be in my thong shoes sooooooo much… All crap full!!! Download LOOK movie

30 LOADS – Part 2 Hole Fucking

In part two of my 30 Load Adventure I get so turned on that I have to fuck my filthy shit covered holes until I squirt all over my shit pool! I bring out my favorite g spot simulator! I love this toy! It makes me cum and squirt so good! With just a little bit of pumping and the smell of 30 loads of shit all over me I am squirting in no time! Oh it feels so good to cum! I scoop up my wet girl cum and splash it all over myself! It makes my shit so slimy and sexy! Dont worry, I wont forget about my asshole! I lay back and slide the wet shit covered toy into my asshole and fuck myself until I cum so hard!!! I do love fucking my dirty shithole! I just wish it was a cock fucking that dirty hole of mine! ; ) Enjoy! Download 30 LOADS – Part 2 Hole Fucking movie

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