The little man gets pooped

Here you are little man! Are you spying on me? ohh yess? i will teach u a lesson than! Come and smell my asshole little man, I stick u into my asshole and i make u smell like my poo hole:)) hahha u smell like ass=)) Stupid little man u will spy on me again? Now is time for another suprise, i will shit on u poor little man and after that i will smear the shit all over u, mmm u like it motherfucker? Now watch me how i finger and fist my asshole in front of u! You such a poor stupid, u will never be able to fuck me like this little man:)) Enjoy! Download The little man gets pooped movie


I am your sky, your sun, your moon and your stars! Split up into my asshole and the divine soles of my feet like the firmament. Are and will be your one and only horizon, forever. And above all, awaits the manna that is about to descend into your filthy mouth … Download THE BEST SLAVES VIEW movie

Vomit Cats 03

The Cats vomit in a bowl, it is a liter or two of vomit inside. Then they make the slave drink all this yummy puke glas by glas spiting inside again and again and telling him what a loser he is! Download Vomit Cats 03 movie

Massive Shitty Ass Gaping!

Nothing turns me one more than anal play! I fuck my asshole at least once a day! I love the way it feels when my hole stretches open! Today I am playing with my pretty glass toy when I realize my ass is very dirty! My toy comes out filthy! I dont let that stop me though! I get a favorite sex toy! Its my inflatable anal plug! I pump it up and stuff it into my ass! I pump it and pump it and pump it up until its time to push it out of my ass! It feels like I am pooping when I push my toy out! Wait! It really feels like I am pooping! Oh man! Whats that awful smell! Woah! I just pushed out the plug and a HUGE load of poop along with it! I had no clue my ass was that dirty! Look at that disgusting mess! Well, Im not going to let a little poop stop my fun! I stuff the dirty toy right back up into my big, shitty ass! Oh it feels so good! I pump up the toy again and push it out! Im making a huge mess! But my ass is gaped open so wide! I wonder if I can shove my fresh poop right into my gape and back into my ass! My shithole is stretched so wide, I bet my poop will just slide right into my open gaping hole! I take the whole load of poop and push it up my gaped ass! It slides in with no resistant! I have such a huge ass! Time to shit my poop out again! Some of it comes out but not all. I know how to get this shit out of my ass! I take my inflatable butt plug and push it back into my ass! I pump it up one more time and then shit it out along with the rest of my poop! Ive stretched my ass so much its bleeding! Oh its so hot! I love having a big, stretch out shitter! Enjoy! Download Massive Shitty Ass Gaping! movie

198. PAPRIKAs CAVIAR by Mistress Isabella

198. Unbelivable 27 minutes with Mistress Isabella and the slave Black Mask, video all in ENGLISH. This is the last scat session before he come back to his home and the PAPRIKAs shit was very difficoult to eat: it was really a lot. Mistress Isabella eat the day before a very famous italian dish: PEPERONATA and now she let her slave to taste it. Do you want to know if he can eat all? Let you see the video! Mp4 all in English. Black Mask is a top level scat slave and I want to see him at it with my big PAPRIKAs BIG SHIT !!!!!!!! Enjoy yourself! Download 198. PAPRIKAs CAVIAR by Mistress Isabella movie

Kate places shit in her slaves mouth and tortures his body with heels

Kate tied the slave to a special table for torture. At first, Kate pissed into the slaves mouth, and then she began to emit liquidchocolate poop. His mouth was full. Now, she begins to torture his body with sharp heels. The servant is lying down and writhing with pain with his mouth full of shit. Download Kate places shit in her slaves mouth and tortures his body with heels movie

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