Enema For The Toilet Slave

Come here toilet slave, I know you love eating my shit. You love when I let you place your head under my ass. This time I dont have a big, juicy load of shit for you. I have an ass full of dirty, disgusting enema water! I hope youre thirsty! Because you are going to drink it all! Watch as I fill my ass up with some warm clean water. It wont stay clean for long! My ass is so dirty and gross! There is some much poop sticking to the walls of my shithole! Im cleaning it all out for you! And youre going to drink every last drop of this nasty brown water! Its time, toilet slave, its time for me to push out all of this water! Its going down your throat! Get your head under my ass and open your fucking mouth! Its time to feed you! Enjoy! Download Enema For The Toilet Slave movie


My Godess surprised me today when she put me in front of a bowl and ordered me to eat her shit and drink her pee out of it. And as a reward, i was blessed to lick her pussy lips and asshole before she shitting in that bowl. I think i will used with this if she will feed me everyday . . . Download FEEDING SLAVE movie

Sybian orgasm overwhelms lady into scat!

A beautiful lady is given the opportunity to ride a tried and tested orgasm machine – the sybian! She rides is and when she cannot take anymore her rulers take a high voltage vibration want to her clitoris. Her private parts are so stimulated she loses all control of her bladder and anus and she cannot her herself as she deposits a nice load of her lovely scat! Download Sybian orgasm overwhelms lady into scat! movie

Cats-vomit and shit try

First both cats vomit a lot in the mount of a slave. An other slave try vomit for the first time spoon by spoon. After so much vomit Kimi-Cat realize that she has to shit also, so she shits a big pile directly in the puke covers slaves mouth! Enjoy your meale! Download Cats-vomit and shit try movie

Bit off more than he could chew 720p HD

We had the toilet go out and find random ladies that would use him this morning. After 6 rejections he found a willing ebony woman with a huge butt who just finished her breakfast and coffee at a local diner and who had to shit. She took him back to her place and delivered more than he could eat. Talk about a big breakfast for the toilet. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really pile up in his mouth. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Bit off more than he could chew 720p HD movie

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