SamanthaStarfishs Poop School: Touching

Welcome to SamanthaStarfishs Poop School! These lessons will help you become more comfortable with your poop. We will start out very slow and work our way up as the lessons progress. In this lesson we will be touching our poop! I know that we are working very slowly but this is the best way for you to become the hard core scat lover that I know you want to become! By the end of this lesson you will be very comfortable touching and holding your poop! This lesson will begin with a discussion and the move on to a hands on learning portion. It will be best for you to have a fresh load of shit to work with. This is a great lesson for anyone who is interested in taking the next steps towards furthering their scat play and their love for poop. Download SamanthaStarfishs Poop School: Touching movie

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