Toilet Bench – Smothered and Humiliated (Side and Rear Camera)

As I said in the last gaming session I took on my slaves face, where I accidentally shot an surprise in his mouth where it remained for an entire game. Hes ready for the full test. Wearing my sexy new lingerie just to torment my boyfriend and tease him while he suffocates.. I strap him into the bench once again.. But he has no idea whats coming.. How about everytime I get , I pee in your mouth .. I threaten him. I can see the fear in his eyes as hes never experienced a goddesses golden nectar before and has listed it as a hard limit.. but maybe its time to push that envelope… He struggles as he smothers underneath me.. dying to breathe but having his nose and mouth stuffed with nothing but pussy and ass.. his attempts are hopeless. He only breathes when I dye..;)… or have to fart.. sadly all of the farts came out silently since I literally had to sh!1t the entire game.. it was klling me to hold it in… The smothering seems to be a bit much for him.. He keeps struggling in panic making me allow him breath.. ruining my games.. If I go negative this game Im going to Sh!1T in your mouth… Maybe Ill just go negative on purpose;) ——————————– EXTREME NEW CLIP with a VERY REAL ENDING with his mouth filled to capacity while I grind my ass over his mouth to pack it all the way in while he suffocates. Download Toilet Bench – Smothered and Humiliated (Side and Rear Camera) movie

White Panties Adventure: Puking On Your Cock!

Youve shit fucked my ass and my cunt, now its time for me to give you a hot, messy blow job! You have shit all over your cock and its all over my ass and pussy and hands! I grab your cock and I tell you how bad I want to suck it! I want to suck my starfish shit off of your beautiful hard cock! I want you to fuck every single one of my holes! I slowly start to suck you cock! I love tasting my shit and cum of your dick! I suck harder and deeper! Oh it tastes so good! But I start gagging pretty hard! I dont stop sucking your cock though! I love it in my mouth! I love your shit covered dick! Then all of a sudden I gag hard and throw up a nasty wet belly full of puke! I retch all over your cock! My puke splatters everywhere! Oh! Its so nasty! I dont stop sucking though! I spit and them shove your cock back into my mouth! It isnt long before I puke again! This time its a nasty load of stinky puke! I hold your cock right under my mouth and puke all over your rock hard cock! I am crying and there is snot running out of my nose! I smear my snot on your cock and start sucking again! I want you to cum! I want to make you cum so hard! I keep gagging and crying and the snot keeps pouring out of my mouth! I spit up a lot of thick spit and keep sucking until you cum all over my face! I love sucking your cock! I want to suck it white its covered in shit and snot and puke! Yum! Enjoy! Download White Panties Adventure: Puking On Your Cock! movie

Sandys Visit 2

Sandy is back from her travel and visit me while my toiletslave is lying on floor and is ready to serve if we need a toilet. We talk a little about some personal things and use at the same time the toiletslave. He is swallowing all our piss and shit. Download Sandys Visit 2 movie

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