Puke training and scatology!

Another episode of our infamous puke training session where we have a slave who is slowly eased into the fine art of vomit consumption by food crush under the feet of his mistress. He is ordered to clean the shoes of his mistress with the undigested food before being ordered to ground and to wait… once his mistress is ready, she squats down over him and delivers a steady stream of fresh shit into his mouth before it fills it up and starts spilling out across his face. In the end, he is totally covered in shit which is smeared across his slave. Only the most well trained slaves could possibly take and consume such a MASSIVE load like this one! Download Puke training and scatology! movie

Classy Business Woman Farts

Even sexy business women need to let it rip! After work I get home and all those farts Ive been holding on to just need to be released so get ready for multiple loud badass farts. Obviously I need to tease and taunt you with my crotch and panties. Get close up and get ready! Download Classy Business Woman Farts movie

Scat at the balcony P2

After the toilet slave has get his first bunch of shit in his mouth we do the same here in the second part. Again we are shitting the toilet slave directly in his throat, hahaha http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 http://www.yezzclips.com/store750 Download Scat at the balcony P2 movie


I know you love my feet, but even more my ass, right? I know youd like to put your tongue inside to clean it all … so, I call you and you come to me to be my toilet, the womens toilet! Look at me while I produce a lot of shit and then a lot of golden rain just for you! Think about it: a nice facesitting after my shit and piss, a dream for you, wipe my ass and pussy! Download MISTRESS GAIA – THE WOMENs TOILET movie

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