Baby Boy�s Shit Dinner!

Are you Mommys sweet little baby? Is my little baby boy hungry!? Its time for your dinner isnt it baby! Mommy has something very special prepared for your dinner. But first lets get this diaper under your butt. We dont want you to make any messes! Are you ready to eat your dinner? Do you want to know what youre going to be eating, baby boy? Youre going to be eating Mommys shit! Mommy has a nice big load of poop in her butt! Im going to push it out and youre going to eat it for dinner! You have to be a good baby and everything Mommy gives you! The rest of the poop is going to go in your diaper! Then Mommy will diaper you up and make you sit in a filthy stinky diaper filled with Mommys poop! Watch Mommy poop right into your diaper and then feed you like the little baby you are! Be a good baby and suffer for Mommy. Mommy loves seeing you eat this disgusting poop! You nasty, poopy baby! Enjoy! Download Baby Boy�s Shit Dinner! movie

The last day of Teddy Bear

At the bottom are cigarette boxes, football cards, a small doll , a model ship , toy cars , party crackers and in the middle a big soft teddy bear. The door opens and 4 girls on high heels come in. Click click click… make their heels when they crush one or the other of things beneath their feet. The teddy bear is very often under the heels. He is really torn, while the ladies come around on him, play football with him, stub out their cigarettes and finally pee on him. Miss Cherie, Lady Chantal, Sweetbaby and Miss Jane in a crush video in a class of its own. Download The last day of Teddy Bear movie

Your reason for being is to eat shit

This video shows how I treat slaves, who never previously served as a toilet. Whoever comes to me will definitely have to eat shit, no ifs or buts! I love to see how the slave looks at me when his tongue for the first time tastes the shit and how he thinks anxiously disgusted if he can really swallow it. Then he looks at me and gets mercilessly devour the command, namely completely the whole pile and all pee. I say what he has to do what and when he must speak or think. He must understand that he hardly has anything of value in my eyes, its sole reason for existence is to eat shit whenever I demand it! Here you can see how bad the loser has no matter to me, I eat my burger while I put his mouth full of shit, he gets beatings, ballbusting, spit and piss. Then he can return to his hole and disappear, until I or one of my ladies want to use him again. Download Your reason for being is to eat shit movie


Watch all five of the most amazing scat collection/smear videos Ive ever done! This is the most intense collection of scat play ever! Watch the entire adventure here! PART 1 For three weeks I have saved my shit! Ive put it in canning jars and kept it in my freezer. Finally, after three weeks I have 19 loads of shit! I show you all of the cans lined up full of shit! Then I open all of the cans and dump out the contents onto a little table. Oh my! That is one giant mountain of shit! 19 loads create the biggest pile of human shit Ive ever seen in my life! And its all mine! It smells so good! The whole room reeks of my weeks old shit! It turns me on so much looking at all of that shit! Now its time to add the final load! I spread my asshole and push out the final (20th) load of shit right on top of the mountain Ive created! It feels so good to finally get all that shit out of me! I wonder how it would feel to shit out 20 loads all at the same time? PART 2 Look at this mountain of shit! 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