Training of the Toilet Slave P2

The toilet slave comes finally to his job as a toilet. Mistress Michelle urgently needs to shit. The slave is now under the toilet chair and opens his mouth wide. It expects Mistress Michelle. She sits down on the toilet seat and talk to Lady Sandy continued while peeing habitually and then poops. The turd falls deeply in his mouth and soon his mouth is filled up with shit totally and he winds up. These moments are the best for Mistress Michelle. Download Training of the Toilet Slave P2 movie

**Scatology Restaurant** The first time visitor

A first time visitor enters the Scatology Restaurant and is served by a beautiful waitress. In the restaurant industry repeat visitors are very important and this place is no different. Each guest is treated to something very special!The guest orders a drink and a main course. The waitress serves him his drink directly from her urethra as she pisses straight into his mouth. She then squats over and serves him his main course. She smears the rest of it all over her body which he licks off as a bonus course… this course is… his desert! Download **Scatology Restaurant** The first time visitor movie

Piss Served for Breakfast!

After an all-nighter at the job, all this man wants is to partake of his favorite beverage – piss. So he goes to a bar that can give him that, courtesy of a pretty girl who doesnt mind getting paid for her bodily fluids. He makes her bend over and give him access to her perky ass. He plays and fingers her pussy and anus, priming it to release piss. He shoves his face into her ass and drinks piss straight from her pussy, satisfying his craving. Download Piss Served for Breakfast! movie

Satisfying Farts!

It feels so good when I push out my nasty stinky farts! My belly gets so cramped and bloated when I?m full of gas! Then my little asshole opens up and all of these nasty, smelly farts coming ripping out of me! I feel so much better after I fart! And it?s so hot to feel that hot gas bursting out of my cute little asshole! I love farting for you! I hope you enjoy these nasty ones! Download Satisfying Farts! movie

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