Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner

Today, the prison warden has already delivered her shit into the mouths of other prisoners. She knows that she can only deliver so much shit and there is not enough to go around for all. Knowing this, she has other tricks ready to punish her slaves with and today it will be freshly puked vomit into the slaves mouth. She rubs it all across the prisoners face and pokes he fingers deep into his throat to provoke vomit of his own which will be mixed with her own. After this, she stands above and showers him in her golden piss. Download Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner movie

25 Loads! Tittie Fucking

This is the sixth installment of my 25 load adventure! When I collected 20 loads of poop I had a ton of fun fucking my big, juicy tits. Ive decided to recreate the scene here with 25 loads! Only, I think that this video is so much hotter! I find a nice big chunk of poop in my poop pool. It even looks like a dick! I imagine that this shit dick is your cock. And I want it to fuck my tits! I love talking dirty to you as you fuck my big tits with your cock! I get so turned on! Soon I am begging you to cum on me! Cum on my shit smeared tits and all over my shit covered face! I want your cum so bad! Enjoy! Ive filmed this adventure with my normal camera and my GoPro so you get to see two different, amazing angles all in one video! Download 25 Loads! Tittie Fucking movie

Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! – non HD

Her generous sugar daddy is begging for it…he wants to have a go at her beautiful ass! Now this bitch knows what he wants but shes not going to give it to him unless he promises to buy that pretty sports car she saw earlier! She teases him by rubbing her hands on her pretty cunt while he watches and drools. She makes him lick the juices off her fingers! Then she bends over and allows him to take the stuffing out her asshole! Download Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! – non HD movie

Mistress Anna -Brown Shower

Even a creature as simple as a toilet slave can used for multiple purposes. For instance, this slave is not only a convenient and portable waste disposal device, it can also be used as an ass massager. I allow the thing to worship my asshole with its tongue. The sunshine highlights the translucent beauty of my skin and the nuances of my firm and toned ass as the slave worships. Ass addicts masturbating along at home will appreciate the way the sunlight plays upon my flawless ass as I kick the slave. My ass gets so close to the camera it is almost as if you are there. Then, completely naked but for my bra, I mount the table in a squatting position and you can see as the slave worships my asshole from the front and behind. The view provided of my soft, moist and unattainable pussy lips is incredible. Finally, I use the slave for what it was made for. I deliver a massive load in several parts and you get to see it from several angles. My aim is perfect and the shit drops from almost three feet directly into the motionlessly obedient toilet slaves mouth. The devastating mess on its face is the final testament to my power and the slaves obedience. Download Mistress Anna -Brown Shower movie

The glutton

That is, how a slave has to work! Before this movie he got some snot, spittle, pee and a huge load of dirt from the street to eat for videos on the ?dangerous-girls?, but now finally in this clip he is allowed to swallow a big portion of scat. Is he well after that? Haha? That is not important for me, as long as he swallows all as I command. For my fun he gets some beats and kicks also. 😉 Download The glutton movie

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